Cadore : natural beauty, hospitality, and modern facilities for both summer and winter holidays. In its uniquely majestic beauty, the Cadore region is a land of ancient historical and artistic tradition, the birthplace of one of the greatest painter of all time, Tiziano Vecellio (Titian), whose memory it closely guards. The region has a long history. Its roots, witness the divine healing cult of the Lagole spring, go back to pre-Roman times. And we must not forget the role payed over the centuries by the Magnificent Community of Cadore, proudly ranked alonside the Republic of Venice. As a region, it spreads out over a stupendous valley crossed by the river Piave, and containing the lakes of Pieve, Auronzo and Misurina; it is surrounded by the Dolomites, in particular by the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, and the Marmarole, Cadini, Cristallo, Spalti di Toro and Brentoni mountains. Lying at an altitude of between 800 an 2,400 metres, the tourist resorts of the Cadore - Auronzo, Misurina, Pieve, Calalzo, Domegge, Lozzo, Lorenzago, Vigo - - provide sports and leisure facilities, but are also ideal centres for relaxation for those who love to walk in the woods, go trout fishing, spend an afternoon boating or just breathe the mountain air. Cadore means large forests illuminated by the first rays of Spring sunshine, high pastures which in winter turn into ski slopes, rustic farmhouses where you can still find genuine products, restaurants, mountain refuges serving typical gastronomic specialities, and stark reminders of wartime events that have shaped the history of Italy. And every season features important cultural and sporting events (from speedboating to cross-country skiing to ice-hockey). More than a million visitors a year bear ample testimony to the excellence of the tourist facilities, responding to every need - from the luxury hotel to the campsite, both in summer and in winter - characterised by a courteous hospitality which is the fruit of long tradition and practical experience.


32041 Auronzo di Cadore - Belluno
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