Some places are popular, others less so. Some dreams and hopes are realized, others are not. Plans are thought up and then postponed, with reason that may be good or weak.

Then there are times in your life when desires and needs become more difficult, more subtle, harder to describe, maybe more refined. What is important is motivation.
That is the right time to set off on something that is neither a journey nor a holiday.

It is a movement of the soul in search of things that are different, placid, dignified, mature, sedately captivating. There are no special seasons or days to go and discover the hinterland of the Marches. You need not even plan it: you will always find what you are looking for.

There are a thousand villages and towns. Woods. Valleys. Mountains. The countryside is rural and serene like nowhere else. You will discover that there is no such thing as a plain: you are either in the mountains or by the sea. And the hills, where the wine, honey, truffles and lavender come from, are often rocky and hard. You will feel you are really there, making up your own mind how to spend your time, away from the usual tourist tracks.

Every day, every hour, you can change your mind, have second thoughts. Because every kilometre of land, water or leaves in this neat, clean region is different from the rest.You are in the Marches. And you will come back every time you want to devote some time to yourself.

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