When we speak of Salerno and its bay, the mention of the sun is not only a compliment but a definition of an extraordinary combination of natural elements and culture.

Indeed, the "Sunshine Coast" could even be called the "Coast of Helios" because, in this part of Italy, Greek was spoken for centuries and Greek classical thought was enriched with the work of philosophers who founded their own school of thought at Elea, a school that influenced the Sophists, the followers of Socrates and even Plato.

Magna Grecia has never completely disappeared: on this sun-kissed coast its traces are the sophisticated raw material of an enviable post-industrial activity involving specialized and strongly motivated companies.

They range from those connected with agriculture, such as oil mills, wine cellars, cheese factories, manufacturers of preserves and pasta makers; the many branches of the productive structure continue with ceramics (those made at Vietri are the most famous, but not the only ones) and fashion, with its most prestigious centre at Positano.

Nor should we forget an activity specifically linked with tourism, the construction of pleasure craft.

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