Etna - this great mountain of fire whose summit is crossed by the meridian of Central Europe, one hour away from Grenwich - is the heart of Sicily's most extraordinary and varied territory in naturalistic and geological terms, a vast complex of mountains, volcanic pits, rivers, alluvial plains, woods and coasts.

The itinerary along the coast begins on the Riviera dei Ciclopi, one of the most beautiful coastlines in Sicily where the sea's clear water reflects towns and villages that have conserved their beauty intact.

It's a short distance from the Ionian sea to Mount Etna. A network of easily accessible roads climbs up the mountain sides, connecting a miriad of towns and villages of incomparable beauty, rich in history and fascination.

The surrounding countryside varies from impenetrable coniferous forests to silvery olive groves, green woods of chestnut and walnut trees, fields of fruit and citrus trees, and in winter, pure mantles of snow.

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