At the extreme western end of the Ligurian Riviera, more known to tourists as the Riviera of Flowers, they are particularly proud of certain records.

As we can read on a plaque in Corso Imperatrice, in 1860 the Piedmontese Pietro Bogge built the Riviera's first Grand Hotel at Sanremo, the Grand Hotel des Londres. After the building of that first Grand Hotel, Sanremo's history has been marked by a series of records which have assured its international success with the well-deserved title of tourist capital of the Riviera of Flowers.

Ospedaletti, an attractive, well kept little town immediately to the west of Sanremo, can boast absolutely the best climate of all the coast on the north of the Mediterranean.

A short distance away from the town of Ventimiglia, at Mortola, in 1867 the English brothers, Thomas and Daniel Hanbury, struck by the beauty of the landscape and the mild climate, created the "Villa Hanbury" botanical garden, a really rare example of its kind.

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