The village of Villeneuve is built at a height of 640 metres on the banks of the Dora Baltea River 10 kilometres from Aosta. In the Middle Ages Villeneuve formed part of the Seigneurie of Châtel-Argent; later it depended on that of Saint-Pierre and in 1605 it passed into the hands of the Roncas family. The town is dominated by the manor-house of Châtel-Argent which is thought to have been built in 1275. It is placed in a strategic position and was for a long time in the service of the Savoy family.
During the past century a foundry in Villeneuve worked iron ore from the Cogne mines.
Villeneuve offers a wide range of hospitality in its hotels and restaurants and is in an excellent position for rapid excursions into the Cogne,Valsavarenche and Rhêmes valleys. Its proximity to Aosta and the castles of Sarriod de la Tour,Saint-Pierre,Aymavilles and Sarre make it an attractive holiday resort for those who wish to visit this part of the Aosta valley. Among the monuments worth visiting in the neighbourhood are the ancient church of Sainte-Marie with its Romanesque bell-tower and, on the square, the parish church of San Biagio which dates back to 1782 and houses a 15th-century relic. A scenic path leads from Villeneuve to the castle of Châtel-Argent.