This is a locality on the valley floor, at an altitude of 650 metres and 9 kilometres away from Aosta. Saint-Pierre is sited in a strategic position and its castle, which was rebuilt during the second half of the last century, dates back to the 11th century when it belonged to the noble family of the area, de Sancto Petro. The same family later swore loyalty to the house of Savoy and were included among those who signed the statutes granted to the inhabitants of the Aosta Valley by Tommaso I.
During the 14th century the family of Sarriod de la Tour built a castle in the place of a fortified tower not far from Saint-Pierre.
Saint-Pierre's central position makes the place ideal for cultural tourism. Other nearby sights worth visiting include the castles of Sarriod de la Tour, now the Archeological Exhibition, Saint-Pierre, now the Natural History Museum,Aymavilles and Sarre. Concerts of classical music are held in the Chapel of Penitents.
The restaurants in this area offer the visitor the chance to sample local dishes from the Aosta Valley, wines from the vineyards in the Torrette area and the much prized Renet and Golden apples grown by the cooperatives.