Avise, which lies at an altitude of 762 metres and is 17 kilometres away from Aosta, is a town in the central part of the valley; the territory of the commune stretches on both sides of the Dora Baltea.
During the Middle Ages Avise belonged to the Seigneurie of Avise, one of the oldest families in the Aosta Valley, who built three castles there: Avise castle, which was at the end of the 15th century, Blonay castle beside the parish church, and Le Cré stronghold.
In 1633 Duke Carlo Emanuele II of Savoy trasformed the feud into a barony in recognition of the services rendered by the Avise family. The Avise family died in 1729.
Avise is a peaceful holiday resort with hotels and restaurants in which visitors can try the traditional dishes from the Aosta Valley. Vines used produce red wine are cultivated around Avise. A holiday here can provide an opportunity to come into contact with the rich history of the area: these include the stronghold of Pierre Taillée, which dates back to Roman times and lies beside the road to Gaul over the small San Bernardo pass, and several medieval castles.
Skiers will find a cross-country run and alpine skiing routes in the wide and sunny valley of Vertosan.