Located in the centre of the valley at an altitude of 780 metres and 14 kilometres away from Aosta, Arvier probably dates back to the Roman epoch. In the Middle Ages it was a feud of the Seigneurie de la Mothe which ruled over it up until the 14th century when it became the property of the Avise family. The hamlet of Leverogne, which lies some 2 kilometres away, was the site of a hostel for pilgrims and records have been found dating back to 1368. The village of Arvier is dominated by the Chapel of Rochefort; it is built on the site of a castle which in 1191 belonged to Tommaso I of Savoy.
Arvier offers the tourist a wide variety of activities. The highly prized Enfer vines, which are used to produce one of the best red wines of the Alps, are grown along the floor of the valley. The ruins of a Roman bridge can be seen in Leverogne as well as medieval houses in the centre of the village. The stronghold of Rodolfo d'Avise, the highest in the Aosta Valley, rises above the village of Planaval, which lies at a height of 1560 metres; here there is also a 5 kilometre-long cross-country run.