The Abruzzesi, a people of ancient origin, have moulded their way of life in harsh surroundings, yet for this very reason they are a hospitable people, an "Italic" people, of ancient warriors, celebrated in verse by Ovid, described first by Titus Livius and then by D'Annunzio, as well as by the Spaventa brothers, Benedetto Croce and the musician Paolo Tosti.

A land that has formed the character, uses and customs of a hard-working people.A land rich in natural resources, including the famous National Park of Abruzzo with its 40,000 hectares of woods.

A complete Region with a great long beach of golden sand, bathed by an enchanting sea.
Mountains that can satisfy the most exacting demands both in summer and in winter.
Natural lakes of crystal-clear water.
Wild life and plants still intact.
A land rich in popular traditions, bound up with its ancient civilization.
A cuisine that is considered poor because it is not sophisticated but genuine and pleasing to all palates.
Accomodation and facilities in step with the times to welcome the most demanding tourist, in constant expansion without spoiling the natural environment that is still a distinguishing feature of Abruzzo.
In the outline of the Gran Sasso, viewed from Pescara, D'Annunzio could see the shape of a beautiful girl sleeping (he didn't call himself "imaginifico" for nothing...). He baptized his fantasy "the sleeping beauty" and this name is still applied to the Gran Sasso at Pescara.
This is how Abruzzo appears to tourists, dominated by the sleeping beauty, between sea and sky, woods and hills. But it also offers something more concrete: in summer the Region can accomodate as many as 18 million guests.
Abruzzo is...
a thousand other things that cannot be written down or talked about, they must be lived and seen.

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