"An itinerary through the mountains of Tuscany, full of charm and surprises:
a green magic that is clothed in snow in winter, with the little towns perched on high, looking like scenes from the crib".

This journey into nature, through mountain villages, abbeys and lonely hermitages takes us through a splendid natural scenery of peaks, plateaux, valleys and streams.

It is not just any trip, for the many attractions of this land offer a varied combination of mighty peaks, nature, art, culture and sport.

As we proceed we feel we are breathing the air of centuries gone by, discovering places built of finely hewn stone.

The broad valleys too have been formed by the hand of man, in an activity that has lasted thousands of years:
at the bottom of the valley there are the low lying pastures, followed by the middle strip that is used as farm land, then the summer pastures where the woods end on account of the altitude, and in winter everything becomes a "white wilderness" the like of which is hard to find anywhere else in Italy.

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