Calabria is the most sourthern region of italian peninsula. It extend over a surface of 15.080 square kilometres. Borders on Basilicata to the North, Ionian Sea to the Est and to the South, Tirrenian Sea to the West and is separate from Sicily by Messina strait. It is divided into 5 provinces - Reggio Calabria, Catanzaro, Cosenza, Vibo Valentia and Crotone. The Regional Administrative Centre is Reggio Calabria.

Calabria, a millenary land, rich in History, Arts and Culture. Besides its folk's hospitality, it shows the beauty of a Nature which is always varied and uncontaminated. There is not only sea and sun, but also green hills and large lakes, beautiful mountains and gentle slopes.

The craftsmanship typical of our region - from goldsmiths to potters, from weavers to liute-makers, from sweets makers to cheese-makers - maintains the tradition of handing down from father to son products of superior quality and genuineness. Its roots can be found in the many cultures which, from time to time, have settled in this region, starting from the Great Empire of Graecia Magna.

Also the World Health Organization recognizes the fact that Calabria's climate is ideal for children and older people, thus encouraging the growth of tourism. It is rare that those who visit Calabria do not come back. As a matter of fact, there are several cases of tourists who, after retirement, decide to go and live in Calabria, although they are of foreign origins and culture.

Calabria offers to tourists an interesting and diversified variety of choises: archeological, artistic and cultural itineraries in every locality; typical craftwork and gastronomic products abound everywhere.

Fresh air and an unpolluted sea act as the precious frames of the natural beauties and make the quality of life high.

The President
Prof. Giuseppe Nisticò